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Minttumaari shawl pattern in english

Many people have asked me to translate my Minttumaari shawl pattern in english. Eventually active finnish knitter Heidi Pisilä translated it and promised me to publish it on my blog. Thank you, Heidi!


There are only RS rows on the charts. On WS, knit always the first three sts, purl others and knit the last three, too. Central stitch is not marked, knit it on RS, purl on WS. There are just half of the shawl marked in to the charts, so when you have worked through the left side of the chart, knit the central stitch and continue to knit the left side of the shawl just the same way like the right side. The pattern is symmetric.

Cast-on 3 sts, and knit 4 rows. Pick up 1 st from side and 3 sts from cast-on row. Knit the next row (WS): knit 3, purl 1, knit 3.

Work chart I once.

Repeat chart II ten times or to gain wanted size. However, you have to have even amount of entire diamonds before starting chart III. Knit chart to the end before starting next chart, so the pattern continues logically.

Work chart III once and chart IV one. Bind-off loosely.

Chart symbols:

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